Lance Creek Water Connection

Lance Creek Water Connection

Jaydo were awarded all three pipeline contracts of the Lance Creek Water Connection (LCWC) project for South Gippsland Water. Totalling over 30km of pipeline, the project traversed over 100 private properties through the hills of Victoria’s South Gippsland region. This project enables the transfer of potable water from the Lance Creek Reservoir and Water treatment plant to the existing Korumburra and Poowong Water Treatment plant sites. This project provides security of water supply to South Gippsland northern and southern regions with a supplementary supply from the Melbourne Water supply grid.

Jaydo’s self-performing approach to the open trench works (majority of the contracts) enabled flexibility for project scope increases/decreases and alignment changes where the design conflicted with services. Jaydo were also able to provide substantial cost savings for SGW by suggesting changes to the trenchless design for the Foster Creek crossing to an open excavation design.

As majority of the construction corridor was located within private property, consistent communication and consultation with each property owner was paramount to the project’s success. Jaydo worked closely with each land owner impacted by the pipeline, to ensure: ‐

  • The construction corridor was appropriately fenced to protect cattle and property;
  • The construction works were undertaken as efficiently as possible within private property;
  • Reinstatement of pasture and paddocks was in accordance with landowners’ specifications.

Jaydo were able to complete the works ahead of schedule and below budget, boosting water security for the communities in South Gippsland.

Victorian Civil Contractors Federation Awards 2018:

Jaydo were recently awarded the Victorian Civil Contractors Federation Earth Award for the Lance Creek Water Connection project. The CCF Earth Awards recognise companies within the Victorian civil sector who have been involved in a project that demonstrates excellence and innovation in the fields of construction, project and environmental management. The award was a great acknowledgement of the hard working, innovative and collaborative approach taken by South Gippsland Water and the Jaydo project team.