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The information on this website is intended for general reference only. All content is the property of Jaydo Construction and should not be reproduced, copied or interfered with. The Jaydo Construction logo is a company trademark, it should not be downloaded or copied without permission. Checks and attempts are made to maintain accuracy of information in this website; however, the general nature of information and the variability of subject matter mean that information is not always complete. Time may on occasions lead to information becoming outdated. Therefore, no warranty is given for the completeness or accuracy of information presented. We acknowledge that you have accepted these conditions by you using this website.

Privacy Policy

Jaydo Construction is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. The protection of personal information in the private sector is required by the Privacy Act 1988 as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (“Act”). All employees and officers of Jaydo Construction are expected to comply with the Act and Jaydo Construction policies and procedures concerning the protection of information, personal or other. This applies to web pages at www.jaydo.com.au, (“the Site”). This policy is based on the following principles: privacy of personal information is of paramount importance to Jaydo Construction; your personal information will not be shared, other than in accordance with this policy without your permission or in accordance with the Act; and we will only use your personal information for the purpose for which it was provided.

What Information do we Collect?

This Site allows you to contact Jaydo Construction by sending e-mails for the purposes of communications, requesting information about Jaydo Construction, or making other general enquiries. By sending emails, you will be providing us with certain personal information. This information is collected by us for the purpose of dealing with your request. We may not be able to deal with your request without this information. We do not collect any other personal information via the Site. We do not use cookies, personal web tracking or other devices to collect your personal information.

Disclosing Personal Information

We may share personal information with companies or with contractors performing services for Jaydo Construction, which are required by Jaydo Construction to comply with this policy. Jaydo Construction will only make such disclosures to achieve the purpose for which the information was provided. Otherwise, Jaydo Construction’s policy is not to disclose any personal information to any unrelated third party, except with consent or where we are required by law to do so.

Retention and Disposal of Information

Jaydo Construction will only keep personal information it needs for the purpose for which it is collected. Jaydo Construction will dispose of information when it has no further need to use it or is required by law to do so.

Email Security

In line with our policy on email security, any emails that you send may be automatically scanned, which could result in certain attachments and styles of message being blocked and forwarded to our IT administrators in order to authorise the content. This is done purely for IT security purposes and our IT administrators will not access the contents of your e-mails once this process is complete.

Security of Information

You should be informed that the Internet is not a secure environment. However, Jaydo Construction uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that any personal information collected is held securely. In addition, only authorised personnel have access to personal information. Such personnel have agreed to ensure confidentiality of this information and are required to comply with this policy.

Accessing and Updating Personal Information

Please advise us if your details change and we will make every effort to keep any personal information held up to date and accurate. You can access your personal information and notify us of any change, modification or correction, by contacting whom the information was first provided, or the office staff of Jaydo Construction.

Complaints and Further Information

If you have a complaint or require further information about how Jaydo Construction handles information or any privacy issue, please contact our offices.

Contact Details

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