Carlton North Watermain Renewal

Canning Street pipe alignment

Jaydo has recently completed the new DN750 MSCL watermain in Canning St, Carlton North.  This main was a replacement for the ageing DN450 CI watermain in Nicholson St, Carlton North.

Jaydo has undertaken the delivery phase of the Works which includes the Design and Construction of approximately 2.5km of DN750 and DN500 watermain in a new alignment along Canning St and Park St, North Carlton and the decommissioning of the existing section of Cast Iron watermain along Nicholson and Barkly Streets.  The design also included cathodic protection, and Level 1 LFI and 2 study of electrical hazards on metallic pipeline.

The works were as follows:-

  • Canning Street: Open-cut construction of 2.3km of new DN750 (813MSCL)  watermain between Barkly St and Park St, Carlton.
  • Microtunnelling construction of new (8m depth, sleeved) DN750 watermain across Princes St (Alexandra Ave) and across Elgin St. 
  • Cross-connection to M160 Melbourne Water 1350MSEL watermain and cathodic protection.
  • Park Street: Construction of 200m DN450 from the slip-lined section (in Nicholson St) to new DN750 in Canning St between Nicholson St and Canning St.
  • Nicholson St: Slip-lining of existing 450 CI watermain between Brunswick Road and Park Street. In addition, installation of 3No. 150mm diam mains crossing under Nicholson St.