Pipelines Alliance

JAYDO recognise alliance or relationship style contracting with its collaborative approach to contracting and managing projects has the ability to ensure benefits to all participants.

We participate in this type of work as an integrated team to deliver specific projects under a framework where commercial interests are aligned with project outcomes. Jaydo can demonstrate consistently that we are able to deliver superior outcomes for owners and all project stakeholders with a balanced approach and with the delivery method of alliancing.

JAYDO offers the skills of its people, the expertise and a track record of successful projects and project delivery. JAYDO is committed to ensuring all key stakeholders are also committed to achieving and exceeding project objectives. Jaydo bring construction principles and the ability to deliver on time and to budget along with the tools to meet this commitment.

JAYDO participated in the Pipelines Alliance – an alliance with Melbourne Water Corporation (MWC), Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd, and GHD Pty Ltd to deliver the Pipelines (Sewerage and Drainage) Program. This Alliance highlighted JAYDO’s ability to work closely with multiple levels of industry and the effective use of teamwork when delivering quality projects.

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